LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming)

Linking Environment and Farming


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Our vision is a glob­al farm­ing and food sys­tem that deliv­ers Cli­mate Pos­i­tive action, builds resilience and sup­ports the health, diver­si­ty and enrich­ment of our food, farms, the envi­ron­ment and society. 

Agriculture worldwide is facing one of its greatest challenges: to produce enough nutritional food to fulfil the needs of our current and future population, while at the same time, protecting the environment and human health.

Finding and implementing innovative solutions to sustainability challenges cannot be addressed in isolation. It requires the involvement of a wide range of actors from across the food chain – farmers, retailers, researchers and NGO’s.

This involves work­ing close­ly with our pro­duc­ers, pro­vid­ing them with the right tools and ser­vices to make mean­ing­ful changes on the ground and inspir­ing retail­ers and con­sumers in pur­suit of the ulti­mate goal — a more sus­tain­able and resilient food and farm­ing chain.

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